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Before & After Pictures of Projects by Castle Doors & More

Potter Project

The Potters came in with a beauty picture of what they wanted, which none of our door manufacturers made. Plus their size was non-standard, so we had the doors custom made, and they came out exactly like the original picture!

Branch Project

This customer wanted a door centered between two sidelites. In order to do so, we had to use a 32″ door, but in order for her openings to be big enough for furniture moving, we made one of her sidelites operable for a total of a 44″ opening.

Cooper Project

Mr. Cooper wanted doors without glass, and we were happy to oblige! These doors without raised molding look better than doors with raised molding.  Stained black doors are very popular these days, and nickel locksets really stand out against this black!

Descant Project

This 1970 era entryway was in severe need of upgrading, and we were happy with the results. The glass sidelites were custom made, taking great care to get them to match the door glass.

Ramirez Project

The house originally had a single door, surrounded by windows on either side and above. We replaced it all with a door and two true sidelites, plus a ‘Direct-Set’ transom.

Schweitzer Project

The original sidelites did not match the window above, and neither matched the original door. By replacing all of it as one unit, all stained, the new entryway seems bigger, and definitely more attractive!

Stoneberg Project

Not only was the change to black a great choice, but also the arches in the door added a terrific element of dimension. Also, replacing the painted jamb and trim with stained mahogany to match the doors gave this entryway more depth.

Taylor Project

This very nice house on a peninsula into Lake Houston had a very ordinary 6’8″ tall entryway – until Hurricane Harvey. For a replacement we had 7′ 4″ tall custom doors made to completely fill the opening.

Belhumeur Project

This beautiful house had an outdated, single 6’8″ tall door, and we were able to replace the entire entryway with custom iron double doors that are 8′ tall. Now the entryway is as pretty and as grand as the rest of the house!

Bilnoski Project

This transformation from a wood door unit to a Forged Iron door unit came out beautifully! It is one of our favorite jobs to date, and we loved the customers too!

Horton Project

Going from a wood door with sidelites to double iron doors really enhanced this opening. Since the foyer in this house had walls close to either side, there was some concern that the new doors – having hinges closer to the walls – would swing in and damage those walls. This concern was alleviated by installing heavy-duty door stoppers, and all is well!

Huff Project

For this transformation to an iron door unit, we were concerned about the new opening looking too wide and short. The custom design we came up with kept the unit from looking ‘fat’ and we couldn’t be happier with the result. And Mr. Huff agreed!

Issa Project

We replaced this 3-0 x 6-8 door with sidelites and transom with a 6-0 x 8-0 custom iron door unit. The result truly transformed the entryway.

Jolibois Project

It took some time to work out a design for this customer, but in the end this ‘Surround’ style iron door unit came out great! The operable door is significantly larger than the original door, without sacrificing anything.

McCormick Project

This job transformed a 6′ 8″ tall single door with side windows and a transom window into a gorgeous double iron door unit, with each door being significantly larger than the original door. The customer gained the privacy they wanted, greatly improved their home’s appearances and value, and the new door unit will need less maintenance than the old one.

Scheet Project

The detail that sets these doors apart from many similar jobs we’ve done is the arched mullions (dividers) and the corresponding arch on the lower panels. For this house we think it was a great choice!

Stacks Project

The original door had a separate window beside it, and the whole entryway was unimpressive and in need of updating. The new iron unit has a matching sidelite that greatly enhances the overall look. The new unit also let’s in about 50% more light.

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